Jan 27, 2008

Some Old and Some New...

I just wanted to post some pictures that I love but have forgotten to share. Here they are...

Can you believe this? My parents just got this log cabin (built by the Amish) put in their backyard for all their grandkids (Archer's IT for right now). It is an 8x8 cabin with a loft, porch, a dutch door and electricity. My parents say they can't wait to see their little ones running in and out of it. Archer has no clue how cool it is...yet!

This is what meal time looks like now. Here he is eating spaghetti. He loves picking out the pieces of ground turkey.

So...it's been raining a bunch here lately. We decided to take a walk down the street with an umbrella of course.

This is the FAMOUS Aunt Shannon. If any of you read the comments that are posted every so often from AUNT SHAN, you probably have found your self laughing out loud. Well...here she is. We were lucky enough to spend a few days with her in New Mexico. Archer LOVES being around her! (so do we!!!)

I couldn't resist getting a snapshot of this. Cooper was playing the guitar one night and Archer loved the sound of it. He kept trying to touch the strings. Do we have a future musician?


Ms. C said...

OK, now that is more like it! Photos of my favorite little guy and his Mom and Dad thrown in for background. My favorite is the cabin! How cool of Kelly's folks to have that put in. As soon as Archer is old enough I am sending livestock (nothing big a herd of goats, flock of chickens, few deer and 12 pigs) so that he can have a real cabin experience. I wonder where I can buy a moose. Moose and cabins sounds right.
Love you,
Aunt Shan

Anonymous said...

That cabin in the backyard is too cool. Can your parents invite us over? :) ha ha

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