Jan 13, 2010


We went on a walk around the neighborhood...looking like this...

tight glasses band around the head (from his newborn sunglasses) and...
orange crocs, on the wrong feet.
We met a biker man named Tom...
who let Archer hold his pet ferret.
Even though he looked silly, he was unashamed (because he didn't know any different).

Wouldn't it be nice to always walk around unashamed, not caring what other people think about how you look or how you dress? I should learn a little lesson from my son.


Ms. C said...

I know you alread know this but that sense of "who cares" style comes from me...his stylishly impaired and does not care who looks at her funny... aunt. Right now my hair is sticking up all over (unrepentant bed hair) I am wearing orange socks (but on the right feet), a pair of really old jeans, a faded black long sleeve shirt, an older than dirt gray sweatshirt, a purple baseball cap, my granny reading glasses and underwear with little colorful mice on them. Archer...you go guy! And tell Mom she is AWESOME. Taking you for a walk and letting you meet interesting people...that is just too Great.
Love you

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