Jun 5, 2007

Here's to Three Months...

My Top 10 for the last three months:

10. Giving Archer a warm bath and wrapping him in his towel after.

9. Watching Archer suck his thumb (like his mommy and daddy did)

8. Having someone love my singing (besides Coop)

7. Hearing "Daddy's home" every afternoon

6. Seeing Archer smile in the mirror at himself

5. Watching him sleep with his hands up by his head

4. Hearing him laugh for the first time

3. Waking up in the morning and seeing Archer's smile right away

2. Seeing Archer smile at Cooper when he gets home from work

1. Parenting (as much as we do as of now) with my true love, Cooper!

Relaxing on Daddy's BIG chair


Megan said...

I have to say that you are a pretty good photographer yourself, Kel. That pic of Archer on Daddy's BIG chair is the mopst precious of them all. What a killer smile he as. He is quite a handsome boy!

The professional shots are great too. You'll have to send me her info. and I'll see how she compares. We got some family pics done, and I love the photographer www.capturedbycarrie.com, but she's a little pricey. Good thing it was a gift.

The blog is great! You are bookmarked in my favorites so I can jump on and see what you all are up to.

You look like you are having fun and great at it too. We'll have to get the kids together one of these days.

Take care,
Megan Carter

isis said...

hi, mr. C'deBaca i'm just looking at your wedside,it is great i like the pictures. so i am going to copy one picture of your son. thank you for everything!!!!

que dios les bendiga hoy y siempre, les decea Isis, bye.