Jun 20, 2007

My Sweet Ducky

Well, I just had to show you what Archer wore after being at the pool today. How funny would it be if outfits like this were the "in thing" to wear for adults? What outfit would you wear?


Grammy said...

Okay! I think Grammy and Grampy Bonner have the cutest grandbaby ever! Dad and I think we would look GREAT in cowboy outfits!

Auntie Kis said...

What a sweet ducky!!! If I were to wear an outfit like this I would be a dog and live at the Bonner's house.

Ms. C said...

The duck will work for about 3 more years after that you need a more fierce outfit. Might I suggest a dragon or an IRS agent. Your Mom and Dad have some interesting Haloween costumes (no they are not wearing them now...they just look a bit funny). Call me if they ever try to dress you in anything that screams Broadway. I am going to lose weight and dress as one of those dogs with lots of skin (Shar Pei I think). Love you, Aunt Shan