Jul 19, 2007

Copy Cat

So... I have to admit to being a copy cat. My friend, Chrissie (check her blog link to right) had this on her blog today, and it's actually fun to do. You can create your own Picasso...

Copy and paste the link below to see my beau-ti-ful Picasso...how abstract, how interesting, how beautiful...(not really- it's actually kindof funny)


Now create your own...Let me know if you did one so I can browse the gallery for it.

(No, Heather, I don't have too much time on my hands and it's not time for baby #2. I am taking some "ME" time :) )


Unknown said...

Super cute, Kelly! You are gifted.

Auntie Kis said...

Ok, I had to try it. Mine is a bit confused, because it was a man until I discovered color and the only thing i could successfully color were his lips :)