Jul 27, 2007

It's a Small World After All...

I love the fact that I still live in the town that I grew up in... it makes the world an even smaller place. Seeing familiar faces around town, running into friends at Golden Spoon, or (like today) standing at the doctor's check out counter next to someone I went to kindergarten with...who now has a son of his own - 18 days younger than Archer. And even better...Archer has the same doctor that BOTH Cooper and I had when we were little- Dr. Shannon. He is so awesome! The only difference is his hair. When he was our doctor he had a permed mullet - now he has a flat top...I kindof miss the mullet (it gave him character-obviously, if I even remember it.)

So...Archer went in for his 4 month well check (even though he's almost 5). He had to get two shots and was such a brave boy. He cried only while the shot was being put in...then immediately smiled at Cooper.

Archer (Mr. Bedhead) and Dr. Shannon


Ms. C said...

I love the hair! Archer's hair is growing almost as fast as he is...what are you using...miracle grow? Let me know, my shrubs could use a boost.
Love you,
Aunt Shan

Ms. C said...

Oh, by the way...Dr Shannon dresses like he is from Omaha.

Auntie Kis said...

Oh my gosh, I totally recognize him and I can totally picture him with the mullet!!! He has the same face...how funny!!!

Cathi Hamen said...

Hi Kelly & Cooper! It's Coachs Smith's daughter,
Congrats on your adorable little guy! your blog is great.. fun to see.
I hope to see you during football season at Mission!