Jul 14, 2007

Why this toy is so cool...

Aunt Shannon searched high and low for this SPECIFIC toy after seeing a baby amused by it for hours on a plane ride. She was determined to find it. After many fruitless searches, she started to become discouraged until one day she stumbled upon this wondrous creature of polyester fibers and cellophane. She screamed and almost fainted when she saw it staring at her on the store shelf...It has since become one of Archer's most prized possessions. I call it his butterfly but Cooper tries to call it his dragonfly.

...and here's why it's so cool.

6. You can hang it from the baby's car seat or lay it across them.
5. Black and white patterns cover the back. (a newborn favorite)
4. The front is muy colorful.
3. Each wing has a fun feature: a teether, a squeaker, a mirror, and a cute bug.
2. The wings make a crinkly noise when you squeeze them.


Anonymous said...

oh how cute well i wish i had a toy like that

Ms. C said...

OK, Now you made me tear up. Do you have any idea how that destroys my tough old broad image here in Iowa? I am at a meeting where I have to be a tough cookie. I am telling them I have alergies. Oh heck, I am telling them I have two new great nephews who have captured my heart and crushed the tough out of me (but I am still not going along with their crazy ideas).
Archer, as long as you think it is cool I will send you funny little toys to make you laugh and think. OK, I will be doing that long after you think it is cool.
Love you,
Your Tough Cookie/Big Softie Aunt Shan