Sep 24, 2007

One of My Favorite Times...

is bathtime. I love giving Archer a bath, and he seems to love it too! I thought I would take pictures at each step of the way...

Waiting for Mommy to get the bath water ready

Taking my clothes off

Loving the feel of the water

Getting my hair washed

Drying off

Getting lotion on my face

Sitting up so that my nicely combed hair doesn't stick it always does...we are trying to let it dry the right way!


Heather Leith said...

i wasnt going to go to the game...but i totally will now, just to see you. (:
i'll look for you!

The Dorans said...

The "Getting Lotion on my Face" picture made me laugh out loud. What a little chub! I love you, Archer!!

nicole said...

Hello little Cooper! That last picture- so cute!