Sep 13, 2007

What a Big Boy!

Archer is getting to be so much fun. He is pretty much sitting up now, laughs all the time, and is playing with his toys more. I love it! He has eaten carrots and sweet potatoes and absolutely loves them both.

As for the stats:
height: 27.5 inches
weight: 16 lbs


Katie Claire said...

What a big boy! :)

Moncada Family said...

Can Dad pick him up and bring him with the cupcakes??? :)

Auntie Kis said...

Once upon a little dude, how cute are you?

Moncada Family said...

Check this out! Jesus Marcos is 13 lbs and 24 inches. That is only 3 lbs and 3.5 inches less than Archer! I think that my son has Coop's height (YEAH, he got something from my side of the family!!!) They are going to be lady killers!!!

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