Oct 13, 2007

Snip... Snip ... Snip

So... today Archer got his first haircut, yes, you read it right. At 7 months old, he sat in the big chair (in mommy's lap) for the first time. He was Paige's youngest client. He was such a good boy. He never cried, sat pretty still, and was just so stinkin' cute!!! Here are some (actually, a lot - I couldn't narrow it down) pictures of the big event.

The Before Picture

Sitting with "the cape" on

Snip, Snip

The lights helped entertain

There's my BIG boy!

Getting his hair styled

Paige, the girl behind the scissors

Mommy loves his new haircut


Ms. C said...

You are so handsome! I do need to tell you that your Grandpa Mark hs been know to cut hair. You need to make an informed decision before you ever let him near your golden locks. Please look at oler and current photos of Uncle Grant's hair. Funky, yes; creative, yes; works for Grant, absolutely; professional cut, not quite. Tell Grandpa MArk you get to cut his hair then he can cut yours. Plus, as cute as he is, your Grandpa is not Paige.
Love you!

Kyle & Alissa Circle said...

Archer, you look so adorable with your haircut!! Tell your mommy she needs to come visit us for lunch again soon!

Moncada Family said...

That's it!!!! Either you move up here to Angels Camp or we're moving down there!!! I can't stand to be so far from you!
Archer, your new cut makes you look a little bit more like your dad. BUT there is enough of your mom in there to keep you cute! ;)

Lisa Leonard said...

so stinkin cute!!!

Heather Leith said...

aww i love him.

yeah, i think friday works...where do you live?

Unknown said...

What a cutie pie. Love it!

Unknown said...

What a handsome lil' guy!

And I love all the shots of Archer (what a great name by the way) Wish there was more shots of you though... ;-[