Nov 14, 2007

Fun with the Cous...

Tiffany and Jesus came down this weekend for all the funeral services. It was so great to see them and get to hang out with Jesus some more. He is such a good boy. I loved seeing Archer and him interact with eachother.


Ms. C said...

Please let me translate the coos and outbursts from the cousins for you adults who do not speak infantish. First, Jesus said, " I am named for a big important guy in Christianity, who are you named for. Archer says, "well, I am named for Robin Hood who took from the rich and gave to the poor. Then Jesus said, "I thought that was Sting and Mother Theresa. Archer said, no...just the hood guy. Then Jesus said, My Dad drives a truck and Archer said, My Dad drives his students crazy. Then Archer said, my Aunt Shan is crazy, Archer said, I know.

Moncada Family said...

What would we do without crazy Aunt Shan?!?!?!?

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