Dec 5, 2007

Conversation from the Morning...

(Archer starts to fuss because he wants to hold the phone. Reluctantly, I give it to him "for the last time." - I promised myself. I continue emailing...)

Phone rings. (I gently take it from Archer as he looks at me like he can't believe I'm actually taking something from him.)

Me: Hello?

Voice: Hi, this is the Orange County Sheriffs Department. We just got a phone call from this number.

Me: Oh, I am sorry. I think my son probably dialed the phone number on accident. He is holding our phone.

Voice: That's alright. We just had to call and check on you.

Me: Thank you and I am so sorry.

Voice: Have a nice day. Goodbye.

Me: Bye

(I look at Archer and tell him that WAS the last time he'd get to play with the phone. He looked at me like I was crazy.)