Jan 20, 2008

It Just Kept Getting Worse...

but he was sure having fun.

I was trying to feed Archer a yummy meal of Chicken and Sweet Potatoes baby food. He has just started putting his hand in his mouth every time I give him food. He then gets it ALL OVER his hand and proceeds to rub his face. Now, baby food is in the eyes, nose, hair...EVERYWHERE. So, this particular day I decide to let him feed himself. This was the outcome...

"Hmm...now how does this work?"

"Mom, I can't believe you're letting me do this."

"Maybe I'll try it this way..."

"Forget it...I'm just going to play!"

***Did you happen to notice the food in his lap? I think more of it ended up there than in his mouth.***


Ms. C said...

This is nothing new. I watched his grandfather eat for years and this is similar. Often we would boil Marks pants and shirt to make soup. Ah yes, back in those days we did not waste but to this day soup creeps me out.
Love you

Lisa Leonard said...

they say its good to et them play and explore with food--great sensory input. so messy but so fun and he is just way too cute. i can't stand it!!