Mar 30, 2008

Boys Weekend

Well, I got to go away for the weekend on a women's retreat with my church. It was so refreshing and relaxing for me. Being surrounded by friends, eating and eating and eating, staying up late, hearing an amazing speaker and just being in God's beautiful creation was just what I needed.

So... Cooper and Archer got to hang out at home together. I could tell Archer had a blast spending so much time with his daddy. I am so thankful to have a husband that WANTS that time with his boy. I love you, Cooper!

Here are some pictures of them on Saturday at the driving range...yes, the driving range. Cooper said guys would hit the ball and Archer would do his infamous sarcastic-sounding laugh right after they'd hit the ball. What perfect timing...poor guys. How funny!


Ms. C said...

The golf magazine I pretend to read says that you need a driver with lots of flex.I suggest you take the driver your Grandpa Mark uses and just cut it down to size. He won;t mind. Now know if your Dad is going to turn you into Tiger Woods you will need to wear a signature color every Sunday (the last day of all tournaments...Tiger wears Red and Black). I think you should consider the plaid shorts you and your Dad have that match. Now here in the Midwest they could get you sent to a vision specialist to have your eyesight checked. But, I know that you are on the cutting edge of fashion and soon those will be the rage here. SO, go with the fashion edge.
Oh, on blueberries...they are so cool in your nose. Do not put them in far but then make some nose bubbles. Guess what...they come out blue! You cannnot buy that kind of entertainment in a store.
Love you,
Aunt Shan

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