Mar 27, 2008

Check Me Out...

on the #1 Blog About Cupcakes: Cupcakes Take the Cake. Click here and here to see their posts about Once Upon a Cupcake.
**The video on the first post doesn't have to do with me. It just has the same name.**

I am so honored to be featured on their international blog...twice!!!

They are going to be featured on Martha Stewart on Monday, March 31 to help kick-off Cupcake Week.

(Does this mean that I'm one degree away from Martha Stewart?he...he...he...)


Moncada Family said...

OMG!!!! How cool is that!!! People are going to be beating down your door for these little gems! I am totally craving one of your lemon cupcakes right now!!!

Cathi Hamen said...

wow that is so exciting for you Kelly!!
so will your company be mentioned on Martha?????