Mar 17, 2008

Here is the latest picture from Crazy 8!

This one is my favorite!


Ms. C said...

Thank your Mom for loading the birthday party photos. I especially like the cake photo. If you had a dog clean up would be a snap. Remind Mom of that...or ask Aunt Tiffany...Muffin bats cleanup all the time on their team. Tell your Mom to have you photographed with more Cde Baca's. The Boners and your Mom's friends are too good looking and the Cde Baca's are a bit more homely. Tiffany and your Dad do not count. Uncle Grant only counts between bath weeks. You are such a cutie that it shows even when you are surrounded by beautiful folks. Around the other side of the family you will look like Adonis (Greek mythology stuff...I will teach you later). Oh, the "old school" hot wheel is cool. Do not tell Grandpa MArk but he does not know they are old. He still thinks they are new. He rode one to school through the 11th grade.
Love you, Aunt Shan

Cathi Hamen said...

I love seeing Archers pictures! He makes me smile.. so sweet and cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh Archer, you are such a cutie-pie! Can't wait until you can write your name, the Sedehi's will be waiting in line for your autograph =)

Anonymous said...

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