Apr 20, 2008

Look at my (other) nephew...

We are so proud of you, Stanley!

**Stanley just graduated! He is now able to be a service dog. Eventually, my sister and Sean want to have him be a therapy dog in hospitals..how sweet! Wouldn't that face cheer you up, too?


Unknown said...

I'd like to cuddle up with that pup.
Happy Birthday, my sweet friend, a day late.
Love you!

Ms. C said...

Does Stanley look more like Cooper's side of the family? My vet-friend has a couple of dogs she takes to the local nursing homes twice a week. Those are the most precious dogs on the planet. Muffin saved your Grandma Loie's sanity from the time she was a pup till the last day. Tell your Sister and Sean they are saints.
Love you,
Aunt Shan

Anonymous said...

hey kelly. its kristi's sister-in-law denise. i met you at the wedding last year. i wuz hoping to connect with you on bein' a full-time mom in addition to running ur own CUTE side business. mayb u could email me? dcrumz@yahoo.com...hope to talk to ya soon. take care. dc