Apr 2, 2008

Three Times the Fun...

A couple days ago we went down to my friend's house to have a playdate with her THREE daughters...yep, she was blessed with adorable triplets! Archer loved being surrounded by 3 cute girls...and all the toys they had...3 of EVERYTHING!

Thanks, Anna, Lydia, and Claire, for playing with Archer! We'll be back again SOON!


Ms. C said...

Archer Buddy...Never let a woman other than Me, Your Mom, Aunt Tiff or Grandma (and other Aunts too) feed you. The way to a man's heart is through your tummy. Think Muffin here. What do you do to get Muffin to do whatever you want her to do? Right, you feed her. The lobster looks dangerous. Watch her in particular. OK, now that is all for your lesson on women for today.
Love you,
Aunt Shan

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