May 13, 2008

Look Whose Walking...

It is so fun to see Archer walking. He looks so cute...arms out, wobbling side to side, acting like he knows exactly what he's doing. The past three days he's been doing it a lot more. I think in no time he'll be doing it all the time...crawling will be a thing of the past. Watch out, Mommy!


Cathi Hamen said...

aah the frankenstein walk!!! tooo cute!

Ms. C said...

OK, that solves it. I am getting a goat from the local petting zoo for Christmas. You can tell him the goat is family... the same thing my parents told me when they told me my brother Mark (your grandpa) was part of the family. They told me he came from a petting zoo too. That really explained why he went wee wee in the stairwell and ate meat, well, like a coyote noshing on a dead cow.
The goat could mow the lawn (something my folks had difficulty getting Mark and I to do), give milk and eat and enjoy even my cooking. It sounds like a win win situation. I will sneak over to the local zoo and take a look at the livestock.
Love you,
Aunt Shan
PS: I would get you an elephant (so much more fun and good for heavy lifting) but it would be hard to smuggle one out of the zoo in a strollet. A goat will fit and look a bit like me.