Sep 15, 2008

The Story of a Mother's Life...

Freshly vacuumed carpet littered with newly spilled fishies.

...I guess I'll do it again. :)

***This picture wasn't posed... I promise.


Ms. C said...

Dear Archer,
Word to the wise...once the goldfish are in the vac. you can't eat them anymore. The 15 second rule does not apply as the vac has lots of mysterious dust and gunk in the bag. You can, however, put the goldfish down dad or Grandma's shirt or coat. It is kind of nice to put somein all of Dad's pockets so he has a snack regardless of what clothes he wears. This is especially thoughtful if you use choloclate or a spoonful of pudding. You keep being cute and I will keep these helpful hints coming.
Love you, Aunt Shan
PS..I watch Sesame Street too! But, Aunt LAvonne never bakes cupcakes while I am watching. Could you talk to her and get her to bake while I watch TV?

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