Dec 26, 2008

Christmas Day!

Discovering his new train table...(thanks, John and Erica!)
Playing, playing, and more playing... Daddy trying to entice Archer away from the train table to open another present. Opening his new Elmo chair... (Thanks, Misty!) Opening his cool AquaDoodle present from Aunt Shannon. More Dinosaurs...never enough! Mommy got some wine called Middle Sister...perfect for her. Playing his new guitar...he wants to be just like Daddy. Getting ready for his first ride in his new wagon from Mimi and Papa. Finishing the night with an Elmo movie with his cousin, Jesus Marcos.


Ms. C said...

Dear Archer,
The PJ tradition is tough for any of your family who have, in true savage native tradition, shunned night time clothing and huddled under buffalo pelts with nothing on but birthday suits. This includes several living family members who you do not want to see marching to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I will give you a list when you are older. Trust is not pretty.
The train table is, should you want to practice some early career exploration, can do minor surgery on local rodents who wander into the backyard unexpectedly. Your Mom will not admit it...but she will love it when you bring frogs, toads and mice into the house to play with. These animals will ride the train...I will send duct helps calm them for the ride.
I am glad your Christmas was wonderful and that you and Jesus Marcos (who I am still trying to figure out a cool nickname for)had time to hang out and play together. Hug your folks and grandparents for me.
Remember we love you and there are normal family members in your genetic pool...dispite what you may have seen at Christmas.
Love you Aunt Shan and Aunt Lavonne

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