Jun 2, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

Do you ever get overwhelmed with what you need to do, so you end up not doing anything at all? That's my excuse... So, here is a post with a bunch of mini-posts in it to catch you up (if you care) on what's been going on around here.

Fun in the Exersaucer
Beau has found a new love...the exersaucer. Mommy loves it too because it serves as a great babysitter for an extended amount of time (when his other babysitter, Archer, is busy.)

First Sleepover
Archer had his first sleepover at his friend, Simon's, house. He had so much fun and did a great job sleeping through the night. They ate dinner, watched movies, and WRESTLED LIKE CRAZY!

FINALLY...There's a party in his tummy!!!
We have been working on getting Archer to eat a variety of foods for as long as I can remember. We just started a Party in our Tummy chart...thanks to Yo Gabba Gabba. He had to earn 5 stickers by eating 5 new foods in order to get a projector flashlight that he has been wanting for a long time. Last night, he finally did it!
Thanks, Yo Gabba Gabba

"There's a party in my tummy - so yummy, so yummy."