Aug 22, 2010

Goodbye, Paradise!

So... we are back at home and trying to get back in the swing of things after two FULL weeks in Maui. We had such a great time! I wanted to share the last of the pictures from our last few days there.

On Cooper's last day, he wanted to take a drive around the other side of the island. I, truthfully, wasn't very excited about it. I knew it would be pretty, but so was the beach across the street... Well, am I sure glad I did what he wanted. It was amazing. After we passed through the tourist towns of Lahaina and Kaanapali, we passed through Kapalua (where the best golf courses are), and then it started... We drove up and down and around on one lane streets and then we came upon this little town...

At Julia's Banana Bread Stand. We got banana bread (of course) and the MOST AMAZING...

coconut candy!!!

After our amazing drive, we took Cooper to the airport to catch a red-eye flight on the way home. We sure missed him the last three days we were there!

But, we still had fun! Here is Archer passed out on the balcony outside. If you look closely you can see Brobee and Plex watching him sleep on the chaise lounge and the lion on the table. I love this!

The morning we left, we had to go to the pool for one last swim!!!

My favorite is this picture... My siblings and I used to have this picture taken of us EVERY year. My parents wanted to document how much we were growing up through the years at Maui Hill. I had to get one of my two boys. I will definitely do this whenever we get to go back too!

We still had the day to kill since we were taking a red-eye flight too, so we went to Kaanapali to have lunch. I realized I hadn't taken any picture of just Archer and Beau together, so here it is!!!

And last but not least, we passed some of our time at the Maui Aquarium. Here is Archer doing his fish face at the fish.

Beau LOVED it too!!!

And now we are back home!