Aug 11, 2010


Well, here's a little update on what we've been up to lately... The boys are finally starting to feel a little bit better. We took them to the doctor yesterday. Archer ended up getting antibiotics for an ear infection and an inhaler for his breathing. Beau seems to just have a viral infection, so we're just keeping our eye on him. They both woke up today feeling much better, so we decided to head to the beach!!


had lots of family time...together!

napped... together!

played... together!

Went to Makawao Bakery for a YUMMY tuna sandwich... together!

Went to the Mai Tai party by the pool... together!

Got cozy when we didn't feel good... together!

Visited the local Urgent Care... together!

Went swimming... together!

Made sand castles... together!

Gone to the beach... together!

Went in the ocean... together!

We've had lots of together time...and I am loving EVERY MINUTE of it!!!