Dec 29, 2010

Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday!

Today, I want to tell you what a gift you are to me.

You don't know how much it means to me when I see you love my boys like you do.

I feel like you love them as if they were your very own.

I can't tell you how blessed I am to have you be such an integral part of their lives.

I love that you want to spend so much time with Archer and Beau...

...and I know they love it too!

You are one of Archer's FAVORITE people ever!

He loves being around you.

He loves going on adventures with you.

and he loves just hanging out and talking with you.

It is so special to see Beau's love for you grow everyday.

I love how he crawls as fast as he can toward the door when you come visit us...

...or when he reaches out for you to hold him.

Little does he know how overwhelming your love for him is too!

Thank you so much for always being available to watch the boys.
Thank you for hanging out with us when you do.
Thank you for being such a great mom (and Mimi).
I love you!!!

Love, Kelly

P.S. Thanks for letting me call you at 7am in the morning and always answering it when you know it's me. :)