Aug 25, 2011

Growing Up...

Beau is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Here are JUST A FEW of the things I am loving about him right now...

He LOVES babies (and of course has no idea that the majority of the population would probably still refer to him as one). Everytime he sees a stroller, he says BABY?!?! Everytime he sees a carrier, he says (or maybe I should say... he SCREAMS) BABY?!?!? And, of course, when our friend, Ford came over he wanted to hold the BABY!!! ~ I love Beau's face in this picture... cross-eyed and looking like he wants to take a bite out of poor Ford.

Beau wants to be just like his big brother. If Archer wants him to say something, he'll say it. If Archer wants him to do something, he'll do it. If Archer wants him to eat something, he'll eat it. If Archer has his shirt off, he wants his off too. And here, Archer was headed to the Angels game with Daddy, and can you guess who wanted to go too?

Beau has such a great sense of humor. Always wants to get a laugh out of us! I had to get a picture of him with this piece of tupperware on his head (before it doesn't fit anymore) because VERY OFTEN I turn around and see him looking like this. Just walking around as if it's no big deal...
...and who couldn't love that smile!!!


The Dorans said...

I love this post!! Love you so much, Beau!

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