Sep 14, 2011

Thanks, Roger.

Today we got to enjoy your beautiful garden!

Thanks for already have pumpkins out that we can enjoy.
We can't wait for fall around here, so we got a little teaser today.

Thanks for letting my mom take so many pictures of us in the pumpkins.
Those end up being some of her favorites of the year.

Thanks for letting us take a little break and rest on your lounge chairs.

"Sleeping" in a garden can't be beat.

And...I guess we should say "no thanks" to the "jail" my mom put us in.
We thought she was going to leave us there and make a run to Starbucks...
but SHE DIDN'T!!!

Thanks for letting us look through all your cool shops. Our favorite was the "spooky" one.

Thanks for letting our Mimi come with us too!
She LOVES visiting your garden as often as she can.
(So does Didi and Avery!)

If you need to get out of the house and want to spend some time somewhere beautiful... go visit Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach. It's especially fun to go during the holidays!

Thanks, Roger! We'll be back soon!