Dec 14, 2011

Gingerbread Shmingerbread

We did things a little different around here today. I didn't have the tools to make gingerbread houses, BUT I did have the tools for Rice Krispies houses!

Getting all set up...

Taking things very seriously...

Concentrating on his masterpiece...

Archer and Micah - new found buddies...
* I have been friends with Micah's mommy since we were sophomores in high school. Micah and Archer are only one month apart. We never dreamed that we would have kids so close together. The first couple years of the boys' lives we didn't see too much of each other b/c of the typical busy schedule. The last two years they have lived in Oregon. BUT THEY ARE BACK NOW!!! Micah and Archer are having a blast getting to know eachother. couldn't have gone better. Cole was held by Christie (someone who has the baby bug). Beau was sleeping. Archer got to hang with a buddy. AND I got to enjoy...not holding a baby, one toddler sleeping and a preschooler who was entertained.

Micah and his ORNATELY decorated house!

Archer and his MINIMALIST house!


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