Dec 28, 2011

What Goes on BEHIND the camera...

"Hey, Guys, look over here and SMILE!"
[Beau, you almost have the idea.]

"Okay, everyone, where is Mimi's nose."
[Good job, Avery...but put your hand down."
Crazy whistle sounds and noises coming from adults
[I know they look crazy but SMILE!]
"Okay, guys, show me how you laugh."
[Avers, you sure are good at that.]
[YAY! We finally did it!!!]
And the prize goes to...ARCHER... for smiling in EVERY picture.
[which has NEVER happened before.]


Sleep-Deprived said...

That's so funny Kelly. I can relate. My oldest has the most fabulous prompted smile that he can pull out in an moment's notice, and almost ALWAYS look like he really means it. And then there are his younger siblings who do not have a prompted smile between the three of them. They've gotten better with time, but there was a time when I wouldn't even ask them to smile because I got a scary,crazed, all-teeth-no-eyes look instead of a smile. :)

The Dorans said...

This is so funny!!