Jan 22, 2012

Beach Camping in the Winter

Within minutes of arriving to the campsite, we...

jumped off the trailer to Daddy "as far as he could!"

played ring toss with Eli.

played at the beach with Eli and...

all the other kids!

played football with Michaela.

Then we...

ate the oatmeal cookies that Archer and his Mimi made for everyone.

ran around in the dark!

tried to make a lantern using Mountain Dew,
 hydrogen peroxide and baking soda... didn't work!
(make sure to look at expiration dates...duh!)

 and roasted marshmallows.

I'll skip the part about the child who woke up at 3am WIDE AWAKE and took TWO hours to get back to sleep... and, no, it wasn't the 8 week old.  I won't name any names. I'll just give a hint...

Then we woke up the next morning to RAIN! So, we...

ate Lucky Charms in the trailer.

picked out EVERY marshmallow. 

hung out together to stay dry.

played games with friends!

spent last moments together before heading home.