Jan 12, 2012

Mindset Shift

So, I have just started trying to get the baby weight off. I could just blame it {the baby weight} on Cole, but if I wanted to be honest...there's still some left over from Beau and probably even Archer.

So, the number one way for me to lose weight is it exercise. I don't have a membership to a gym... I have a double stroller with 3 kids... what to do? what to do? MINDSET SHIFT.

So, we headed to a local park that has sidewalks around and throughout it. I figured I could let the boys play while Cole and I ran around the park. It sure wouldn't be the same as running by myself or with just a full stroller, but it could work. MINDSET SHIFT.

So, I started. The first 3 minutes were awesome! They played. I ran. Then... Beau fell, Archer wanted to run with me, Beau wanted to follow, Beau fell again, Beau dropped his snack and a dog ate it, Beau cried... Hmm, was this really going to work? MINDSET SHIFT.
That was all I needed... a MINDSET SHIFT. I figured if I was at least moving I was doing something. I ended up running only 1.15 miles. It took me forever with all my little pitstops in the middle, but at least I did SOMETHING. I told myself not to get frustrated...just do the most I could. It actually ended up being fun once my MINDSET SHIFTED.

I did leg lifts and lunges with my Cole in my arms.
Beau did jumping jacks alongside me.
Archer took it to the next level and did pushups.
We ended up having a great time at the park, and I got to break a sweat {even if it was only a little bit}. I was even contemplating making this my new Thursday routine. I would call this my cross-training day. All I needed was a...



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