Jan 4, 2012

Through the Years...

So... what do you do with your old Christmas cards?
Do you throw them away? Stash them in a box?
Keep them on the refrigerator for the year?

Here's what I do...

Back in 2006, I started trimming the cards after I took them down and put them in a notebook so that we could see all the changes of our family and friends year after year.

Mine is called "Merry Christmas Through the Years"

Step 1: Trim all Christmas [stuff] off the pictures.

Step 2: Appreciate your little ones' excitement for the new pages.
Step 3: Place them on the pages to make sure they fit.
Step 4: Once all pictures are in place, stick them to the pages.
Step 5: Let your little ones look at the new book. They will love it!

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