Feb 11, 2012


"Your kids must all get along so well. All the pictures you post have them smiling and playing with each other."

The truth is: These are the moments I try to catch...not the ones where I am pulling my hair out, refereeing a fight or counting down the hours until bedtime.

"How much TV do you let your kids watch?"

The truth is: My older one watches too much. My middle one doesn't watch enough. The youngest...well, that's still up in the air.

"Wow, you have 3 boys...you must be so busy...parks, the beach, the zoo, etc..."

The truth is: This is something that I feel guilty about a lot. I don't spend all my time at parks, the beach, the zoo, etc... I wish I did. Sometimes the thought of packing all of them up and then knowing I will chase my 2 year old everywhere makes me tired even thinking about it.

"Are your kids really eating Cheerios off the coffee table without their hands?"

The truth is: YES! I looked over. They were quiet. I was okay with it.

"You must be so tired having a newborn and 2 very active boys already."

The truth is: He's not the one who makes me tired!

As crazy as it is... I do love my life!!!


lizy b said...

All so true! Why is the park so exhausting? And why is it that when we get back from the park, I'm the one who is exhausted and the boys are still running around like banshees!!

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