Feb 11, 2012


"Your kids must all get along so well. All the pictures you post have them smiling and playing with each other."

The truth is: These are the moments I try to catch...not the ones where I am pulling my hair out, refereeing a fight or counting down the hours until bedtime.

"How much TV do you let your kids watch?"

The truth is: My older one watches too much. My middle one doesn't watch enough. The youngest...well, that's still up in the air.

"Wow, you have 3 boys...you must be so busy...parks, the beach, the zoo, etc..."

The truth is: This is something that I feel guilty about a lot. I don't spend all my time at parks, the beach, the zoo, etc... I wish I did. Sometimes the thought of packing all of them up and then knowing I will chase my 2 year old everywhere makes me tired even thinking about it.

"Are your kids really eating Cheerios off the coffee table without their hands?"

The truth is: YES! I looked over. They were quiet. I was okay with it.

"You must be so tired having a newborn and 2 very active boys already."

The truth is: He's not the one who makes me tired!

As crazy as it is... I do love my life!!!