Mar 14, 2012


A conversation with a friend.
At church on Sunday.
A topic at a midweek Bible Study
A post on a blog.

And now yesterday... a new book that was introduced. 

Everywhere I go, I am hearing or reading the SAME thing....Life is a series of choices. Choose joy.

I have the choice to choose joy or not. I have the choice to see time as a gift rather than a barrier. I have the choice to relish in the season of life that I’m in. I have the choice to have my confidence in Him rather than in those around me. I have the choice to view others the way God views them. I have the choice to give grace to those around me {because I know I sure need it}. I have the choice.

I get it!!! Life is a series of choices. Choose joy.

For the past couple months, life has been tough. Not bad tough. Just tougher than normal. I found myself not content, grumpier with my kids, annoyed if Cooper got home later than I expected. I didn't want to be like this, but I felt like I couldn't help it.

Well... I COULD help it. Not by myself, though. I needed help. I still need help.

Now, I am learning to ask for help from the Lord. Help me to not react in a bad way... Help me to be patient with my kids... Help me to be thankful in the season of my life... Just plain help me....

I feel like it's working. I have a long way to go, but I am working on my choices.


I choose joy!

I mean, really, how could I not...


Sulkin Family said...

I love this, Kelly. Thanks for sharing!
Lisa Mansfield shared a wonderful devotional with my MOPS group last week and it put things into perspective immediately! And, now you've written on the same topic. Clearly, He is trying to tell me something! :)

Makaila said...

Oh, this is so true girl.. its all about choices.

Tiffany H. said...

I believer that when you keep hearing/reading/seeing the same message/theme/topic over and over again it is God trying to tell/teach you something.

You're right, it's about the choices we can make. Mothering small children can be very challenging at times but like you said, we need to try to choose joy and happiness. We've been given a great gift of mothering our children so when you're getting down and frustrated just remember that--you've been given a gift and you should be joyful and thankful for the gift.

Love your blog posts!