Mar 7, 2012

I'm bored!

When I hear these words, 
I cringe. 

Are you serious? Look at your room... it is FULL of toys. I automatically start thinking about how I need to get rid of so many of them so that the others would be appreciated. 

Then I remember, he may just need a little bit of help. So I give him some ideas, but they end up being the same three or four ideas every time. 

Play with your Batman House.
Make a city and play with your small animals. 
Do a puzzle.
Go outside. 

< Enter Pinterest > I type "independent activities." 

I saw some great ideas, but they didn't totally fit for our family. 

So... I came up with this. 

I listed several activities that he can play independently. 
The left column says CAN DO, and the right says ALREADY DONE.
If I didn't separate these columns, he would pick to play Leap World EVERY TIME. 
So... he still gets to pick what to do, but all of the activities need to be done before he can start over. 

Independent play time SOLVED... I hope!


I am linking up with Skip to my Lou for Made by Me Mondays. 

Skip To My Lou


Sulkin Family said...

I LOVE this Kelly!!! I hate those words too...but mine use the more manipulating words..."Mom, I just don't know what I could do right now." Meaning..."MOM PLAY WITH ME!" ~Erin Sulkin

Sulkin Family said...
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