Mar 18, 2012

My Bedroom Wall.

So... most times I walk in my bedroom I cringe...
I cringe at the 3 laundry baskets at the foot of my bed that are usually overflowing.
I cringe at my dresser that is littered with all the "stuff" from Cooper's pants' pockets.
I cringe at my bed that is unmade more days than it's made.

My bedroom wall is my room's saving grace. I love it.
It is filled with all things that mean something to Cooper and me.

Here's a little peak:

Our wedding invitation, a picture of our first dance and a
happy face picture by Archer.

The locks that Cooper gave to me when he proposed...more on that later!

A family portrait by Archer.

The little note Cooper gave me when he bought my wedding band, a card, a poem he wrote me the Valentine's Day before we were married, fun family pics in a photo booth.  The picture in the background is a sketch of a rose that Cooper drew in high school.

My bedroom wall...

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