Mar 10, 2012

Project Simplify

I like to call myself a
"frustrated perfectionist." 
 I like when things are in order,
BUT I can't ever get them that way! started Project Simplify.
Read here to find out more about it.
This was SO up my alley. 
Another way to TRY to get things
in some sort of order. 

It started on Monday... I wasn't going to do it...
then I couldn't stand not doing it...
so I started on Wednesday. 

Changes in Archer and Beau's room: 
- put out only the amount of books that will fit on the shelf. 
All others are stored under a bin under the bed. 
- shelving unit above white dresser - organized in more logical way
- toy bins all have specific toys for each one. 
~~NO MORE I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-this-toy bin~~

Archer and Beau's closet:
- updated all clothes. Now they ALL fit. 
- all games and puzzles are in one place
- everything has a place

Cole's Room: 
- went through all clothes
- put stuff in the attic that has needed
 to be put there for MONTHS
- found places for EVERYTHING

How long can I keep it this way? 

Let's place bets...

***After organizing both rooms,
I ended up with one large EMPTY plastic bin,
2 small EMPTY plastic baskets, 1 wood EMPTY basket
and 1 small EMPTY plastic bin.
I guess you can call that efficient! Yesssssss...

Need a reason to simplify? Join Project Simplify this week.
Next hot spot to and/or pantry. 

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kristi said...

great post...very inspiring! makes me want to do it. :)