Mar 21, 2012


Weight loss. NO PROBLEM... for three weeks.

De-clutter. NO PROBLEM... for two.

Organize. NO PROBLEM... for three weeks.

Quiet time. NO PROBLEM... for one.

I'm really good at being really good.


I'm really good at being really bad.

I like to call myself passionate; others might call me compulsive.

I guess the bottom line is... I am a yo-yo... not flakey... just a yo-yo.

Today while looking at other blogs, I found Paisley Boulevard. She mentioned spring cleaning. Not your home. But, spring cleaning yourself. I liked the idea... (of course, I did.)

I took this as a challenge. So... I am going to try to be intentional about not being a yo-yo. A yo-yo might be fun, but they can be unpredictable. I figure if I let you all in on this... I might do a little better... and actually make a lasting change. But, I can't do it alone. I need help. I need encouragement....and
I need to lose the baby weight before we have our family pictures on May 6th.

What am I going to do to spring clean myself?
- follow my Weight Watcher points (write down what I eat)
- exercise 2-3 times per week
- drink more water

Can I do it? I sure am going to try!

Will you help me go from this...
to this?

And if you see me mess up... don't judge!