Apr 27, 2012

Insta-Friday... My Week in Photos.

My birthday! Cooper surprised us and took us to Disneyland.

Happy mail from Hope Ink... what a treat.

Squishy, sleepy baby.

Every Monday we get the treat of having Ms. Robyn come for an hour to practice speech.
Beau absolutely loves her.

Don't you hate bottom-of-the-slide puddles?

Don't you love it when the meal you serve is greeted with this face?

or this one? And, the funny thing is... they both like spaghetti. They just didn't "feel like it."

Thank you Macy's for having TVs in your kids section. I actually got to finish my shopping.

Tanaka Farms Field Trip today. He came home with his own carton of freshly-picked strawberries.
He was very sure no one else would eat them...so he wrote his name on the carton.

Another week... I am grateful!

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Anonymous said...

I think my son would pee his pants at Disneyland with all that Cars stuff!! WOW~ Thanks for linking up again ;) Have a great weekend!

Nancyroo said...

Love that happy mail!