Apr 3, 2012

Snapshot of a Statement.

 Have you ever stopped and thought about some of things you say on any given day? Have you ever sat quietly and really listened to your kids’ conversations in the car? Have you ever thought of taking a snapshot of a statement?

 Here's mine (with a little background)...

Archer just learned how to ride a bike this last week. 
He has been riding his bike IN THE STREET with the neighborhood boys... 

but only when these "guys" are out in the street too!

Mimi came over to watch him ride. 
The second we got outside (we didn't have the "safety guys"), Archer said,
"Mimi, you have to stand right here...just like this...
without saying ANY words."

With Mimi standing there just like the "safety guys," 
it would be safe to ride in the street.

So much for enjoying watching her grandson ride...
she was the new "safety guy."

Now it's YOUR turn...
You can write a post on your own blog and link it back to Managing Marbles 
Leave your snapshot in the comments section of this post.

Can't wait to see what you and your little ones have been saying!

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Heather D said...

My 4-year old was watching a movie in the car. She had headphones on and she sneezed. She said, "It blessed me so much my headphones came off!!"

kristi said...

come see what my sweet lil max said.

Sleep-Deprived said...

Oh Kelly, give Mimi a coffee card for that one!!! I love it...and I love the picture of her standing in.

When the boys were smaller and rode their big wheels and trikes only in the driveway, Evan would ride around as "Safety Patrol" handing out "violations" for any infraction. The violation was marked with an orange safety cone and verbal explanation of what was being done unsafely :)

courtney toney said...

Grandma: "Isn't it cool that Jesus rose on Easter? He's the only one that died and then came back to life."

Isaiah: "And Mario & Luigi."

courtney toney said...

And another great one today:

I asked my 4 year old what he had to eat for dinner while he was at his friend's house the night before.

"I didn't eat much. We had la-vagina."

Husband and I choke back our laughter.

"You had what?" (He does not know that word by the way...)

We finally figured out that they had lasagna. Ha!

Misty Sedehi said...

My girls were in the car talking about having kids someday and Emma, my 6 year old, very kindly sad " Mommy you have had 3 babies, and that's why your muffin top is so big!". How does she know what a muffin top is!?!? I very nicely replied, "Yes honey, you too will have a muffin top someday!"