Jul 13, 2012


On the road again.
After a few days of camping in Rock Creek...
we headed up to Angels Camp to spend time with family.

The little one in the middle. Popular.
Enough said.

One of my favorite pictures ever taken.
I'm one happy mamma.

We spent the day at Utica Lake. Everything about it was wonderful.
Except the mosquitos.

Mommy time.

Monday car ride home. 9 hours.
Way too long.

Unpacking is my most un-favorite thing to do.
He wouldn't let me.
I was okay with it.

7-11 Day. Free Slurpees. We were there.

Archer went to VBS at my parents' church this week.
He loved it!

Big decisions are being made around here.
What to wear. What to wear.

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What have you been up to lately?

life rearranged


Caryn said...

Adorable...beautiful family!

Teri said...

Your favorite pic is my mine favorite too. Very cute!

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