Aug 29, 2012

Six Kids and Two Mamas.

How two mamas are staying sane while on vacation with six kids...

Let them eat cheez-its for breakfast.

Buy them the .50 ghetto jewelry from the grocery store.

Let them eat popsicles...and run in the sprinklers at the same time.

Give group baths. Add bubbles for the big kids. LOTS of bubbles!

Take them on 3 mile scooter rides in the blazing heat {to tire them out}. Make our destination be a place that has beading, toys, and Wii...

Let babies eat on the floor. And... before bedtime bathroom games.

And to top it off... Boxed Wine for the Mamas after the kids are down.

Now, for the Daddies to get here...


Misty Sedehi said...

How fun! Where are you guys vacationing???

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