Jan 23, 2013

These days.

I've been busy... (aren't we all?)

Changing diapers (yes, my 3 year old should be in underwear 24/7...he's not)
doing kindergarten drop off and pick up

swim lessons
picking up the shredded plastic bags our dog loves leaving me every day
 music at the library

 fighting with my laundry (it's still winning)
keeping 3 tummies full (I swore I'd never be a short-order cook...I am.)

 trying to be consistent at running (keyword: trying)
 managing Cupcake Friday

planning birthday parties
 planning Sunday School lessons
picking up the never ending stream of toys (I know one day I will miss them...just not now.) ... 

I guess, just trying to be a good mommy, a good wife, and a good business owner.
Sometimes, I feel good at these things, and more times than I want to... I don't!

Something had to give... I didn't choose the blog...
it's just what happened. 

I didn't notice it so much since I am IN LOVE with Instagram. I almost feel like it's a mini blog. It's what we're doing, how we're living, and it's making me stay up on taking pictures. At least I haven't let that one go. In case you're wondering, my Instagram name is @managingmarbles (surprise, surprise).

So...here's to adding another thing back on my plate... the blog! I really do miss it!

1 comment:

Sarah Mutscheller said...

I don't know how you do it all. I really, really don't!!! XOXO