Jun 6, 2007

Say Cheese...

Today we got our first set of family pictures taken. It was an awesome experience!!! If you ever want to get pics done, you've got to use Shannon Leith. She is amazing... easy to work with... great with kids... just plain COOL! Check out some of the pictures she took of us. Also, you can go to shannonleith.blogspot.com to find out more about her.


The Norton Family said...

Those pics of your family are sooooo beautiful! I love the one of all of your legs sitting outside on the window. :)

Kimberly said...

What great family photos. My favorite is the one of all your feet. I've wanted to do the same thing but with all our hands. Thanks for sharing.

Auntie Kis said...

These pictures are soo great!!! I love the one of you guys looking at Archer. It looks like your in the rocking chair. I also love the birds eye view of him in his crib. I love how it was taken through the mobile. What a good looking family!!!

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