Aug 3, 2007


Isn't going to the fair fun? I look forward to it every summer. It's the only place you can get away with eating for the whole night straight. Walking from food vendor to food vendor. I had a bratwurst followed by roasted corn followed by a heavenly chocolate hand-dipped ice cream bar.
Archer got to pet a goat for the first time. It was such a special feeling holding him and telling him what was happening as he was petting it. I felt like a true mom - I LOVED IT!
P.S. Look at the awful outfit Mommy had him socks with a red onesie?!? YIKES!
P.S.S. Just in case you're not from around here, Cowabunga is the theme for the fair this year. I didn't just write it! :)

What do you like to eat at the fair?


Ms. C said...

These are good photos. The caption by the "pet the goat" should say..."this smells like grandpa Mark."
My favorite is the family photo where Archer has a hold on his Dad's shirt so he does not go running off again to have another photo taken as a cigar smoking ice cream cone. It is so cool that every special experience is his first and you two get to share in that moment. I am so proud of you both for being so fully present in the moment and enjoying these special days with Archer.
I love your posts as they let me share in them.
love you all!!!

The Dorans said...

We has a blast with you guys! And.... the fair is the only place in the world that has deep fried coca cola.... a Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich... We loved our gyros!! And, don't worry about Archer's outfit. Being at the fair is like being at the Laundromat.... anything goes.

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