Sep 7, 2007

Girls, Girls, Girls!!!

Today Archer and I got to visit Stacy and her triplet girls: Anna, Lydia, and Claire. Archer had never been with so many cute girls at one time.

So many girls, so little time...

Anna Todd

Lydia Mary

Claire Aston

***Check out the girls on Thursday, September 13 at 10p.m on the FX Network. They will be on the show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Lydia has a big part - she's the "tan" baby.


Unknown said...

They are so cute! I can't believe how big they are. Archer is one lucky man!

Moncada Family said...

How funny I was looking at Anna Tod's pic and I thought "WOW, that little girl has enough hair for a bun?!?!?" But then I realized that it was archer standing behind her. Dehhhhrrrr!!! I miss being able to blame things like this on my pregnant brain! Can I blame things on my breastfeeding brain???

Moncada Family said...

YES, I can blame things on my breastfeeding brain! I just looked at the picture again and that doesn't look like Archer's head (the hair isn't sticking straight up!). When do I get my brain back?!?!?!

Unknown said...

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