Sep 3, 2007

We've Graduated...

to eating rice cereal and carrots (and of course, mommy's milk, too). Archer ate rice cereal for the first time on Saturday. Then he ate some more on Sunday...and today, we went for the carrots. He seemed to really liked them.

The First Supper...for real.

Couldn't get it fast enough

Open Wide

"I love it so much that I don't want to let gooooooooo.

This is great...why hasn't anyone told me about "real" food before?

"If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face."


Moncada Family said...

Archer, who does your hair??? I am searching for a new look and I think that you've got it!!!
Te quiero muchisimo!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! He is so cute and I love the hair! How life has changed! We have come along way from AVCS. This bloggin thing is a whole new world for me. Love ya, Mrs.Towne

Ms. C said...

Archer, I cannot wait for spaghetti with meat sauce. Just for fun, if you get tired of the carrots...hold a bunch in your mouth. let Dad shovel it in for a shile. Then, time for some cheek muscles to exercise. Puff in some air then open your mouth just a little bit. The carrots will actually fly. It is science, it is funny and it is all good.
Love you,
Aunt Shan

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