Oct 31, 2007

Halloween at the Park

Today we went to the park for Kids Klub. Everyone was in their costumes...need I say more. It was ABSOLUTELY adorable. Here are some pictures of the little ones.

Smiling BIG!

Hanging out with Simon the Frog

One of his future best friends, Eli the Lion

Smiling for more pictures...

Archer and Noah (Eli's BIG brother)

Getting a hug from Emma the Ladybug

One last picture with Madison, of course


Unknown said...

Archer is absolutely the most darling lobster ever!
How fun.

Jill Duarte said...

Cutest lobster I've ever seen!

Heather Leith said...

i absolutely love how out of all the wimpy baby costumes out there, you bought him a lobster.

all of the other babies were so envious, you could tell from the pictures.

you are the coolest mom ever.

Ms. C said...

Dear Archer,
I know, the lobster was hot and a bit odd..but be patient with your Mom and Dad. I had a friend who dressed her son up as a tiny little nun.He was a boy and had identity issues his whole life...left the Catholic CHurch and became a quaker so he could wear black and white. So, lobster.is OK.I will have a chat with them indicating that maybe you do not want to be seafood. I think that your Mom may have thought of dressing you up as a cupcake and I do think that much frosting on your little head may have caused a rash. So, love them and know that these pictures will haunt you when you have kids. It is the way the world works. When you are old enough to use it against them I will show you a photo of your parents as Sigfried and Roy. Love you bushels...Aunt Shan

Anonymous said...

Dear Archer,
You are lucky, I had to be a skunk!

Anonymous said...

I love you lil brother

Unknown said...

That is one cute lobster!!!

Hey girl I will be in Cali for Thanksgiving this year!!Newport on Friday...maybe we can meet up?

Love Hil

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