Jun 14, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Colton!

We went to my cousin's son's birthday today. He had a "fire truck" from Smokey's Fire Trucks come to the party. It was so great...they talked about fire and water safety with the kids, took them on rides, and let them shoot a small hose off the truck. Everyone had a great time.

Archer didn't quite get the idea of taking a group shot...

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Ms. C said...

On the group shot thing...it is Ok to have your photo taken with family and friends. Those are not the professional shots you know and love. I know they are not using filters and the shiny things to bounce the light...but these photos are really important as they will be used by your siblings to embarass you when you are dating. This is especially true of the shots where you are naked or wearing underware on your head.
FYI, the stance in front of the fire truck crowd where you are standing sideways and clenching your fists means fight in Junior High... right now the photo means...I am doing something brown and squishy in my shorts. It will mean just that for another year and then the fight stance thing comes into play. Then, when you are my age that stance goes back to meaning...I did not get to a bathroom soon enough.
Whew, there is so much to teach you and do little time. Keep your nose out of your Mom's cupcakes and use the sad hungry urchin look I taught you to get a cupcake given to you (she is such a softie). The snatch and stuff cupcake eating method will only get you so far. The urchin look is soooooo much more effective.
The pool shot was really a classic. Think about having a friend draw a fake tatoo on your rear end just to fake Mom out next time. Think about having Jesus Marcos do that for you. He has his Mom's genetics and she is so artistic he should have some talent. If not just use your Mom's cupcake food colors.
Love you and see you soon,
Aunt Shan