Jun 29, 2008

A New Hangout Spot

Archer loves opening up this drawer and completely emptying it of everything that's in it (at least 3 times a day). Tonight he decided to take it to the next step...get in it himself. Oh what fun!!!


Ms. C said...

Contrary to what they tell you this is not a bunkbed. I did try to tell your Grandpa Mark that the trunk of the car was a cool place to ride to CA in. He believed me until he got sick. It was not pretty.
So, I will send you the web site for IKEA where they make real beds.
I was at first worried that this was the dishwasher. Not a bad idea to clean up a few pots and pans while getting a good water spot free shine on your noggin...but the water is too hot...you can turn that down though (not that I tried it but it makes poodles really fluffy and angry).OK, so the plan is that you want a big boy bed and that this is where your cousins will sleep when they are over.
Love you!
Aunt Shan

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